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The benificial of morden Pig farming industry
With in now days pig industry has improved with modern advanced science and technology and also modern equipment, the old way we rise up pig has been replaced by the new modern way. With the modern pig industry, it can save more lands more labors more feed but with better environment for the pig, improved the safety level for the pig, increase the numbers of the pig in each year to have more profit in same cost. According to the presentation of Qingming Chen: The modern pig industry is based on the way of factory production, use modern science and technology, management measures and mechanical equipment for pig growth and development to provide a variety of suitable conditions, not affected by the natural environmental conditions. It with standardized feeding, management, environmental conditions to production pig with high efficiency, high quality, low consumption same as the factory production the products. That is the direction of the modern pig industry development.

To achieve the development of the modern pig, the equipment is one of the most significant parts. With the high efficiency equipment, only need 2-4 employee can look after the whole pig farm, saves more labor cost. The professional equipment can also help the piglet to survive in the process of growing. The modern pig cage can also save the lands, same lands can rise more pig make more profit. In the modern pig farm, the exhaust fan can draw out the stale air from the rising house keep the air clean and stabilization the temperature.

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