Manure Removal System With Manure Belt
Manure Removal System with Manure Belt is consists of the “H” support frames with power system in the two ends, support frames and protection boards on cage leg frames, manure collection belts, transverse conveyor and the synclinal conveyor, control panels. This system greatly save manpower in chicken house. The chicken manure cleanup rate is 95%, ensuring a clean and hygienic chicken house environment.
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Product Advantages
Manure Removal System With Manure Belt
  • Automatic control at time, set any time
  • Cleaning manure fast and effectively, reducing ammonia concentration in chicken house in time.
  • Special design for H frame Cage System in close chicken house
  • Manure Belts made in Italy, high quality and durable
  • All support frames are made of Aluminum Zinc plate and hot dipped galvanized board, durable and strong.
  • Providing clean and hygienic environment, indirectly reducing bacterial infection and disease transmission rate in chicken.
Manure Removal System With Manure Belt
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