Farrowing Crate
Used for sows giving birth to piglets and raising suckling piglets 3~4 weeks on it. One complete set of pig farrowing crate includes:hot galvanized pig stall, PVC fence, flooring system, feeder and drinker for sows and piglets, heating cover and heating lamp.
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Product Advantages
European Design Farrowing Crate
  • Durable hot galvanized stall. Use 1" pipe and 3/4" pipe
  • Double door frame, more stable
  • Long anti-pressing bar, prevent sows lying down too fast to crush piglets
  • Front door baffle, reduce sow stress
  • Width and length of farrowing stall can be adjusted
European Design Farrowing Crate
Item Specification
Size 2.4*1.8m; 2.4*1.7m; 2.4*1.6m and customized sizes
PVC Fence 500*35mm;500*30mm
Farrowing stall Steel pipe 1” &3/4”, wholly hot galvanized
Floor system Cast iron floor&hot galvanized floor for sow& plastic floor for piglets
Floor beam Carbon steel beam for sow, FRP beam for piglets
Sow feeder SS304,455*370*230mm
Drinking system Nipple drinker for sow, drinking bowl for piglets
Optional items Feeder for piglet, heating system, rubber mat etc.
Octopus type Farrowing Crate

Fingers design of this type farrowing crate divides piglets during suckling, prevent squeezing and hurting of piglets.

Octopus type Farrowing Crate
Farrowing Crate with Air Inlet Window

Farrowing crate with air inlet window is used for countries which is hot, like Thailand. Air inlet window is installed in the front of PVC fence, give sows cool air, but still keep warm in piglets area.

Farrowing Crate with Air Inlet Window
Hot Galvanized Fence Farrowing Crate

Hot Galvanized fence farrowing crate is used in very hot areas, like the Philippines. PVC fence is replaced with hot galvanized fence to give sows and piglets more fresh and cool air.

Hot Galvanized Fence Farrowing Crate
farrowing crate

Welfare Type Pig Farrowing Crate

Welfare type pig farrowing crate is widely used in European countries, like Denmark etc. It’s designed to give sows more space to move around, which is more comfortable and humanized.
Hengyin can make customized design according to client’s requirement.

farrowing crate

Cost-effective Farrowing Crate

Cost-effective farrowing crate is Hengyin’s special design, it’s cheaper and easy to install. It’s designed for clients who want to reduce budget in pig farming but still keep high quality of equipment.
The reason why it’s cheaper is that this type farrowing crate needs less labor, but all material are still high quality.


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farrowing crate application

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