Egg Incubator
Seven-screen dual controls system Automatic temperature and humidity control, automatic egg turning/ alarming/ recording.
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Product Advantages
Egg Incubator
  • Material: composite insulation color coated steel sheets
  • Voltage: 220-240v /50 Hz
  • Working environment: 22-26 ℃/40% rh-50% RH
  • Scope of application: chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, quail, ostrich, peacock, pheasant, Turkey, etc
  • Applicable place: large/medium/small hatchery, individual household, school laboratory, scientific research place etc
Egg Incubator
  • Seven-screen dual controls system
    Automatic temperature and humidity control, automatic egg turning/ alarming/ recording
  • Stainless steel cornerite
    The corners of the machine are designed with stainless steel, which can effectively prevent collision during transportation
  • Insulation observation window
    Double layer insulation glass has good insulation effect, realize real-time observation of hatching inside the box
  • Sealing strip for the crack of door
     The crack of door is made of soft polyethylene extruded, strong and durable and has good insulation effect, keeping cold air out
  • Air vent on both sides
    Both sides of the machine are equipped with air vent to ensure the continuous exchange of fresh air and optimize the incubation environment
  •  Insulation color coated steel sheets
    Strong and durable, good insulation effect, guarantees the hatching efficiency
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