Automatic Feeding System
Feeding System mainly consists of feed silo, auger, hopper and feed trough. Feed is transported by screw-spring auger from silo to hoppers and then to feed trough, realizing automatic feeding.
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Product Advantages
Automatic Feeding System
  • Feed delivery are automatic, saving labor
  • Can be equipped with all kinds of A and H type chicken cage, highly optimized for general use
  • It can make chicken cage be higher as 3 to 8 tiers, save land space
  • Very easy to make installation and connect with the silo
  • Feed trough can be PVC, hot galvanized or stainless steel
Automatic Feeding System
Specification of Feed Silo
Capacity Diameter Height Tiers Volume
10Tons 2.45m 6.8m 3 17.7m³
15Tons 2.75m 6.8m 3 22m³
20Tons 3.05m 7m 3 29m³
Specification of Cross Auger
Specification  Outside Diameter Capacity (t/h)
DC90 90m 2.5
DC110 110m 4
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