Gestation Crate
Gestation crate is used for sows during pregnancy. It improves the feeding capacity per unit area and reduces the abortion rate by reasonable restriction of moving space, and also improves the productivity of piglets.
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Product Advantages
Gestation Crate
  • Overall hot dip galvanized after wholly welding, acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosion, and great durability.
  • Customized size provide a safe, comfortable environment for different sizes pig.
  • Back door design makes it convenient for artificial insemination.
  • Long stainless steel feed trough is saving cost and easy to clean, curved edge design reduce the feed waste.
  • Smooth surface without bur, no hurt to pigs.
Gestation Crate
Item Description
Size 2.2*0.65*1.05m, single back door, 26.8mm and 21.3mm steel pipe
2.3*0.65*1.1m, single back door, 26.8mm and 21.3mm steel pipe
2.3*0.65*1.05m, double back door, 33.5, 26.8 and 21.3mm steel pipe
2.3*0.65*1.05m, single back door, 33.5mm and 21.3mm steel pipe
Remark:  The size can be customized
Material steel pipe. Tube wall thickness 2.5mm
Treatment Hot dip galvanization
Trough Single trough (plastic or SS304), long trough (SS304)
Fixture Base, snap joint, etc.
Note The front door can be fixed with steel pipe according to customer requirements.

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