Cast Iron Floor
It is main used for sow place, loading capacity :600-800kgs. Generally cast iron floor gap is 5mm, our floor gap is 1cm, and the inside of gap is round, smooth surface without burr, completely solve the phenomenon of cast iron floor jammed sows nipple and injury in the nipple. Circular surface design with better fecal leakage and ease of cleaning.
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Product Advantages
Cast Iron Floor
  • Strong corrosion resistant ability and rigidity, not easy to break.
  • Each rib of cast iron floor can carry 800kg
  • Smooth surface without burr, no hurt to nipples
  • Easy to install and clean, long lifetime
  • Different size can supply for customers
Cast Iron Floor
No. Type Specification(mm)
1 Cast iron floor( with mouth) 1100*580*30
2 Cast iron floor(full leakage) 600*600
3 Cast iron floor( with mouth) 600*600
4 Cast iron floor(solid) 600*700
5 Cast iron floor(full leakage) 600*700
6 Cast iron floor( with mouth) 600*700
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Cast Iron Floor
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