Plastic Slatted Floor
Plastic floor is made of high quality polypropylene material, which is mainly used for both sides of weaner crate and farrowing crate. It can also be used for sheep farm. It has high strength and toughness, strong load-bearing capacity, non-slip surface, and easy installation, disinfection and cleaning. Much lower thermal conductivity than steel and cement floor make piglets not easily cold, and have a long service life.
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Product Advantages
Plastic Slatted Floor
  • Double back supports, arched design with bearing capacity 300kg
  • Anti-skid surface treatment
  • Reasonable gap, no hurt to feet, easy to clean
  • Snap joint, easy to install, provide stable environment
  • Small temperature difference between day and night
  • Cuttable slat, satisfy special sizes requirement
Plastic Slatted Floor
Item no. Size (mm) Common Color weight Bearing Capacity
HY-F001 600*600 Blue,Orange,Green 2.25kg 250-300kg
HY-F002 400*600 Blue,Orange,Green 1.35kg 200-300kg
Circular Section Floor
  • Patent product, special design with bearing capacity 400kg
  • Circular section floor and smooth edge, easier for manure to leak down, no hurts to nipples and feet
  • Stronger corrosion resistance ability
Circular Section Floor
Item No. Size(mm) Main Color weight Bearing Capacity
HY-F003 400*600 Blue,Orange 2.1kg 400kg
HY-F004 600*600 Blue,Orange 3.25kg 400kg
HY-F005 510*730 Blue,Orange 3.0kg 400kg
HY-F006 550*600 Blue,Orange 2.5kg 380kg
HY-F007 460*550 Blue,Orange 2.0kg 380kg
Seamless Floor
  • Suitable for piglet lying area under warm cover.
  • Also recommended in feed place, livestock can eat the feed from floor, which will save feed.
  • Double back supports provide strong bearing load capacity as 300kg and make sure long service time as 20+years.
Seamless Floor
Plastic Floor Installation Accessory - Fiberglass Beam

Fiberglass beam is used as support in livestock equipment, like farrowing crate and weaner crate.

  • FRP support beam has good corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high bearing capacity, long lifetime
  • Easy installation, easy cutting, can cut into different sizes.
Plastic Floor Installation Accessory - Fiberglass Beam
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