Chain Feeding System
Chain Feeding System mainly inculdes:feed silo, feed doser, chain feed transport hopper, chain feed double outlet hopper, chain feed single outlet hopper, chain disk motor, chain, corner, pipe connector, pipe three-way joints, hot galvanized feed pipe, electric control box ect.
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Product Advantages
Chain Feeding System
  • Exported standard chain
  • Chain with hot-dip galvanized surface treatment, high corrosion resistance ability
  • Timed feeding in 24 hours automatically. Saving labor cost, e.g. feeding 600-1200 pregnant sows requires only one worker
  • Precise control of feed manually, highly improved feed utilization
  • Simultaneously feeding, reduce stress reaction of pigs
Chain Feeding System
Name Automatic pig feeding system,poultry feeding system
Application Pig farm, sow farm, piglet farm, hog farm, swine farm, automatic pig equipment
Capacity customized size based on your farm size, one line could feed 600pcs sow or more
Feeding Time Automatic feeding within 30 minutes for 300pigs
Automatic Type time set, quantity set, make sure feeding automatically,could set the time and feeding quantity , automatically feeding at different time
Feature Save time, save breeding cost, modern pig house, low cost high output
Main Accessories Silo,Drive Controll Motor,Auger&Chain Pipe,stainless steel chain & disk drive box,Drop Feeder,high quality corner and so on

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Chain Feeding System

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