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New Vision of Pig Farming: Small Knowledge, Pig Farm Construction and Technological Breakthroughs
Recently, the pig industry has ushered in a series of important developments and changes. In this dynamic industry, some key tips, advanced pig farm construction and exciting new industry technologies are driving the pig industry forward.
The popularization of pig knowledge is very important for farmers. Pig is a kind of omnivorous mammal, fat body, short limbs, long snout, gentle personality, adaptability, fast reproduction, black, white, sauce red or black and white flowers and other colors. The pig loves sweets and has the most acute sense of smell. Pigs are color blind and have regular activity sleep. Pigs can be mated from 5 to 12 months after birth, and the gestation period of sows is about 114 days. This knowledge helps to improve the efficiency of breeding and the health of the animals.

Pig farm construction is also being upgraded. The government has announced that it will increase investment in the construction of pig farms to support the development of local animal husbandry. Choose a place with high and dry terrain, good ventilation, convenient transportation, sufficient water and good water quality, and stable power supply. Reasonable division of production areas, living areas, office areas and other functional areas, to maintain a certain distance between the districts. With good ventilation, lighting conditions. The temperature and humidity are suitable to meet the growth needs of pigs. There is enough space to facilitate pig activities and feeding management. Set up disinfection ponds, quarantine areas and other epidemic prevention facilities to prevent the spread of diseases. Equipped with sewage treatment, manure treatment and other environmental protection facilities to reduce pollution to the environment. The application of advanced feeding equipment and management system makes the breeding process more scientific and intelligent.
The emergence of new technologies in the industry has brought great changes to the pig industry. For example, electronic feeding station: the feeding amount can be determined according to the fat and thin situation of the sow, which not only solves the problem of limiting the movement of the sow in the limit column, but also improves the problem of subjective feeding amount. Gene editing technology can improve the growth performance and disease resistance of pigs. The intelligent monitoring system can monitor the health status of pigs in real time. The application of environmental protection technology reduces the impact on the environment.
These advances not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure the quality and safety of pork. The future of the pig industry is full of hope, with the wide spread of knowledge, the continuous improvement of pig farm construction and the continuous innovation of new technologies in the industry, we are expected to see the development of a more sustainable and efficient pig industry.