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China's pork exports hit a new high
In recent years, the export volume of pork has continued to grow, playing a positive role in the stability of supply in the international market. Since the outbreak of African swine fever in 2018, the Chinese government has taken a series of measures to strengthen the management and prevention and control of the breeding industry, so that pork production has gradually recovered and shown a good momentum of growth. At the same time, China's pork producers have also continuously improved product quality and brand influence, winning the trust and recognition of the international market.
In addition, the deepening economic cooperation between China and countries along the Belt and Road has expanded a broader market space for pork exports. China's pork is favored by more and more countries and regions in the international market because of its high quality, safety and reasonable price. With the continuous growth of China's pork export volume, it has become one of the important participants and contributors in the global pork trade, playing an important role in the stability of supply in the international market. In the future, with the further development of the pork industry and the optimization of foreign trade policies, China's pork exports are expected to continue to maintain steady growth, and make greater contributions to promoting the healthy development of global agricultural trade.