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Severe Diarrhea Problem in Newborn Piglets, Need to Strengthen Prevention and Control
Recently, we have been investigating the situation of diarrhea in newborn piglets in pig farms. Experts analyze that the causes of piglet diarrhea are complex and may be related to diet, environment, the constitution of pigs, and pathogenic microorganisms.
It is understood that most newborn piglets obtain nutrition by sucking sow milk. If there are bacteria attached to the sow's nipples or the feed is insufficient in nutrition, it will lead to a decrease in the immunity of piglets and cause diarrhea. In addition, the hygiene level and temperature of the rearing environment are also one of the reasons for piglet diarrhea.
In order to control the problem of piglet diarrhea, farmers should promptly find out the causes of the disease from multiple aspects and take corresponding prevention and control measures. At the same time, strengthen the rearing management to improve the immunity of piglets and ensure their healthy growth.