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Leaders of Wuzhi County Visited Hengyin
Manufacturing is our national "backbone". With years of efforts, our province has developed into an important manufacturing province. The ''full implementation of China's manufacturing --2025 Henan action'' proposed in 2017 is to accelerate the green development of our province and to step into "Industrial 4.0" era.

Henan Hengyin Automation Technology Co., Ltd. positively responsed to the call and moved its plant to Zhandian industrial park located in Wuzhi, Jiaozuo. After which it has been focusing on improving green production awareness, enhancing environmental protection levels and strive to be a stronger manufacturing enterprise.

In the positive response to the "Industrial 4.0", leaders of Wuzhi County visited and inspected the plant. As a manufacturing enterprise ,Hengyin’s effort to be strong enterprises is not only in response to government calls, but also to enhance the sense of responsibility and improve the industry standard. County leaders praised Hengyin’s action, and expressed their expectations and confidence in Hengyin.